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Asset Tracking - Real Time Location Service (RTLS)
and the Internet of Things - (IoT)
Securely Tag, Track, Manage,  & Locate Your Assets in Real-Time with Thinear's leapfrog technology!


Now you can know in real time where medical personnel, contractors and patients are in your facility/campus. Monitor the location and status of critical equipment and track/monitor vital supplies.

Less time medical personnel spend looking for usable equipment and supplies means more time spent treating patients and improving quality of care.


Monitor your staff in areas of high noise levels or hazardous materials exposure. Track location of hazardous materials and safety/incident mitigation equipment. Predict and mitigate potentially dangerous situations.

Accurate location and tracking data can improve regulatory compliance, reduce incident rates and optimize equipment/ supplies usage.


You can coordinate Work in Progress with materials distribution more efficiently with real time information about location and usability for all your floor assets in one mobile-ready platform.

Better line efficiency leads to lower productions cost, a reduction in quality issues and fewer

A Total Solution 

THINaër™ enables you to securely tag, track, manage & locate all of your assets in real-time. Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are a simple, cost-effective way to make all of your assets smart. Plus, our solution is easy to deploy and maintain and doesn’t interrupt your existing processes, people, or technology.

Efficient, Effective BLE Beacon Technology

Imagine a world where objects notify you when they need maintenance. Or alert you when they get too hot/cold. Think about the time and money you’d save by never having to search for misplaced or lost tools or inventory again. With the accurate and reliable real-time location system from THINaër, you’ll know when your assets are working, what their status is, where they are currently located, and where they were previously.  RTLS lets you instantly track and locate critical assets or personnel, saving time, money, and resources.

Make your assets smart and connected.


BLE Beacon technology fits into your current infrastructure and workflow to give you real-time tracking of any asset — from people to things, big or small, near or far.  There is no scanning required so it seamlessly integrates into your existing environment without disrupting people or processes. This allows implementation in hours or days, rather weeks or months.

 Watch an overview of Thinear's
leapfrog technology!

Smart Beacons 

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons tell you more than just location.  Our beacons allow you to track such things as temperature, humidity, and movement.  BLE beacons are durable and can have battery life measured in years. Talk to our experts for more information.

SaaS Platform

The patent-pending THINaër SaaS platform has a sense and responds to infrastructure that rapidly calculates the position and map proximity with accuracy. Platform management tools can be accessed from any computer or mobile device through a responsive web-based user interface. Nothing to install or update on your servers.

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