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Imagine a brand interaction platform...

that extracts actionable signals from customer interactions; Proactively understands and acts on the voice of customers to build healthy relationships and maximize customer lifetime value. 


Customer support is revenue-critical. More than 75% of your revenue comes from your existing customers. Today in the everything-as-a-service economy, support organizations play a critical role in product adoption, business expansion, and revenue protection.

Industries: Fashion apparel and Accessories, Beauty, Home furnishings. 

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Treat Every Customer and Employee Like a VIP... 

Automate your most valuable interactions. Answer common support questions, deliver personalized interaction, and anticipate customers' needs — all from one AI-driven brand interaction platform.

"Customers that connect with brands via chat are 2.8x more likely to convert at checkout, then those who don't."

Source: Forester

""Customers that connect with brands via chat,

spend on average 60% more than those who don't."

Source: Forester

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Shapermint's explosive growth caused overwhelming support tickets for order. They needed to integrate with their backend system.


World's First Support Experience Platform


  • 55% deflection from email/live chat.

  • Reduced contact rate by 38%

  • Increase CSAT from 89% to 98%.

Join the lineup of CX visionaries!

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