Effortless Mobility 

MetTel mobility can be scoped, designed, positioned and with as much or as little involvement as you want. 

We utilize MetTel’s premier communications management platform, so your customers can manage the complete lifecycle of all their mobile devices, with deep analytics into usage with roaming controls and consolidates all invoices into one with one help desk to contact.​


Enterprise Ordering Portal 

  • Your customers order from a catalog of approved devices 

  • Device list 

  • Quantity 

  • Hierarchy-based approvals 

  • Term length 

  • End-user policy 

  • Confirmation message 


MDM Platform Features 

  • Monitor and control: 

  • Data usage 

  • Fleet efficiency 

  • Roaming controls 

  • End-user profiles 

  • Administration profiles 

  • Reporting 

  • Security 

  • Alerts 

  • Device recovery/wiping 

  • Cloud-based app updates 

  • Define deployment rules 


Communication Management Platform 

  • Real-time reporting with variance alerts & forecasts, billing and invoicing 

  • Full trouble ticket lifespan monitoring and control 

  • Create new numbers 

  • Port existing numbers 

  • Assign users to lines 

  • Change mobile device number service state 

  • Auto-check upgrade eligibility 


Support Through Quick Response & Resolution 

  • Best in class response times by knowledge reps (averages): 

  • Phone: 0-60 seconds 

  • Email: 0-30 minutes 

  • Web ticket: 0-30 minutes 

  • Time to resolve: 0-30 minutes


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