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so your people don’t have to be robots

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Automation Revolution

Reinvent and take your business to the next level by focusing on what matters most!

Imagine end-to-end robotic process automation in record time. A combination of AI and RPA that helps automatically extract and interpret information in a wide range of documents. Automate mundane repetitive human tasks. An RPA platform built on UiPath, #1 ranked process automation.

Industries: Accounting, Banking, Lending, Insurance, Manufacturing, High Tech, Legal, Contact Center, Logistics, Nonprofit

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Thrive Mortgage needed to get ahead of the staffing “tipping point” to ensure proper staffing levels wouldn’t be an issue as market demand ebbs and flows. They also need to provide highly valued underwriters with the tools they needed so would have the bandwidth to focus on high ROI, non-repetitive work, and create an automation first mentality within the organization.



Robotic Process Automation - RPA

  • Increased processing from 20-30 appraisal invoices to 50+ invoices per day.

  • Now completing processing in under 7 minutes.


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