As Your Technologies Services Advisors, We Help Connect Your Content to a Global Audience 

 Virtual Events is an award-winning platform that provides a better way to create stimulating, measurable and secure Virtual Event experiences. The user-friendly interface allows the audience to easily navigate within the environment and is designed to promote social interaction and collaboration among participants. Group chat, live and on-demand content streaming and social sharing are just a few of the features that will keep your audience engaged from a computer or phone. With the most industry experience, our platform is designed to support 200,000+ users concurrently on any device, anywhere in the world, making Intrado Digital Media the most trusted partner in Virtual Events. 

key Benefits 

Virtual Events are a turnkey communication and engagement solution, with interactive applications in a virtual environment that transform regular meetings into unforgettable virtual networking experiences.

Increased Event ROI: Extend the life of your physical event by hosting it virtually, allowing your audience to register and consume content anytime, even after the conclusion of your event.

Global Reach: With the industry’s leading mobile experience you can reach iOS, Android, and Windows users, anytime and anywhere in the world, without sacrificing any of the interactive features offered on desktop devices.

Personalized Experience: An engaging experience that promotes meaningful dialogue between presenter and audience, fostering knowledge transfer, and collaboration.

Robust Analytics & Reporting: Access to dashboards for real-time metrics, giving you the ability to track and measure your ROI immediately.

Single Destination Portal: Host all of your content in a single destination, making it seamless for your audience to find and share relevant information.

Social Interactivity: Provide your audience with the most engaging experience incorporating interactive social elements such as group chats, social networking, lounges and much more!