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Why DaaS – VDI?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is rapidly gaining popularity because of the trends in “Mobility”, “BYOD”, and the need for cost-efficiency. With DaaS, you can get access to your applications anywhere, on any device (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, zero-client etc.).

Within a DaaS environment, your company can expect to have predictable monthly costs. You are no longer responsible for maintaining application licensing, software patching, or repairing hardware in the event of failure. Virtual corporate resources and intellectual property are held more reliably and securely than any kind of self-managed solution could provide. Your employees can be “on-boarded” and “off-boarded” very quickly while your company data remains protected in a secure environment.

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Some of the most compelling benefits of DaaS-VDI:

Cost Savings:

  • Allows organizations to consolidate the number of servers supporting desktops

  • Central management and deployment of applications and updates

  • Move to a Zero Client/Thin Client


  • Employees are able to work from anywhere on any device

  • Good for remote users

  • All your files are stored in one place

BYOD “Bring Your Own Device”

  • Employees want to BYOD

  • Allows organizations to still have control over their data

  • Standardization

As a result, your company becomes more technologically agile. You can expand and contract your IT capabilities in rapid response to changes in the business environment, without making any additional investments. Your employees enjoy the morale boost of a flexible kind of productivity increase, which allows them to work as they best see fit.


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