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Telecom Expense Audit

Did you know that  7-12% of telecom service charges are in error, while up to 85% of the typical enterprise’s telecom bills are not audited?
Source: Aberdeen Study

The telecommunications industry is notoriously challenged by acquisitions, divestitures, legacy billing platforms, evolving technology, and cumbersome contracting and billing practices. These issues are detrimental to managing your telecom costs, all leading to billing errors and a loss of visibility and control. Keeping up with numerous contracts and lengthy, complex invoices can be challenging, or impossible, for many organizations. An intensive audit of a company’s prior telecom purchases and spend should be the first step in any telecom sourcing project.

Nadicent Technologies provides audit and recovery services to ensure our customers pay only for the telecommunications services and equipment they have contracted. The scope of an audit engagement depends upon customer requirements. At a minimum, it consists of a detailed review of both fixed and mobile services, equipment charges, federal, state and local taxes and surcharges.

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