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Boosting Digital-First Member

Service for Banks

Bring the in-branch experience to your digital properties and assist customes easily at any point of need

As members become more digitally savvy, banks must ensure a seamless digital member experience. The Glia Interaction Platform provides all channels of engagement, including live chat, phone, video, SMS, and AI-enabled self-service, allowing for transition from one to another without disruption.

Benefits for Banks

Increase Conversions

Improve Efficiencies

Enhance CustomerExperience

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Bank’s IT Investments with the ChannelLess™ Interaction Platform

Most banks haven’t achieved the full potential of digitization, but it’s not for lack of trying: Retail banks spent $250 billion on IT in 2022, an increase of 4.3% from 2021.

Sadly, these investments fall flat when banks operate call centers using traditional voice-centric infrastructure designed for phone calls only. This fragmented approach leads to longer resolution times and customers repeatedly providing the same information, leading to frustration. Alternatively, a ChannelLess™ Interaction Platform:

  • Marries phone calls and digital experiences on a single interaction platform

  • Incorporates conversational AI features for automating phone interactions

  • Allows reps to teach customers how to utilize digital tools, increasing the chances they will use them next time they have an issue

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