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How Strong is Your Small Businesses' Cybersecurity Posture? 

Many small business owners know that cybersecurity is an important issue, but it’s hard to know where to start. They don’t have a dedicated IT team or budget for security software, so they put off doing anything about it until something bad happens. And by then, it’s too late!

We hear you and created our InstaSecure offerings with you and your small business in mind!

InstaSecure Cybersecurity & Protection was designed for solopreneurs and small businesses with no in-house cybersecurity experts or IT staff. Our solutions provide easy-to-use technology that protects your business from hackers while allowing you to focus on growing your company instead of worrying about security issues all the time!

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 Suite of Small business Services

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An all-in-one solution with 24/7 Protection and which includes Integrated Cyber insurance, with no hidden fees or contracts. 

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Easy and affordable password manager for anyone to have control over their digital identity without sacrificing security.

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 Legal protection for all of your business and personal needs, from employment law to intellectual property rights

IDShield logo centered.png

 A comprehensive identity theft protection service that safeguards you, your employees, against the threat of identity theft. 

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