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Tap into realtime with Digital Retailing

Bring the offline world and the digital world together seamlessly.

Our mobile technology allows you to join the dots for compelling, effective, and measurable customer interactions.

Industries: QSR, Grocery, Retail, Museums & Galleries, Stadiums & Events

A unique Mobile Engagement Platform that can turn any mobile app into a super app! Unique interactive capabilities will transform the way consumers engage with you via mobile, leading to increased sales, high-quality consumer engagement, and improved loyalty.

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Connect with consumers through a suite of unique mobile-centric ways...

including the consumer's location to drive traffic, boost in-app sales, and finally, leverage your investment in mobile.

  • Use geo-located messaging at specific times to catch customers on the move and bring them to your door.

  • Send out time-sensitive coupons and promotions, and enable customers to order ahead and collect in-store.

  • Buy on the fly - Enable your customers to order from anywhere and pick up as they pass.

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