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Caller ID Spoofing: Don't Hang On, Hang Up

Published: September 20, 2021 on our newsletter Security Fraud News & Alerts Newsletter.

What Is Spoofing?

Spoofing is when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity. Scammers often use neighbor spoofing so it appears that an incoming call is coming from a local number, or spoof a number from a company or a government agency that you may already know and trust. If you answer, they use scam scripts to try to steal your money or valuable personal information, which can be used in fraudulent activity.

Watch the video and click through the tabs to learn more about spoofing and how to avoid being scammed.

If you think you've been the victim of a spoofing scam, you can file a complaint with the FCC at

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