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Mac User Alert! Apple Releases Four OS Patch Updates

Published: November 16, 2020 on our newsletter Security Fraud News & Alerts Newsletter.

At some point, any operating system (OS) finds security and other vulnerabilities needing to be patched. Most updates involve improving security of the OS and its users. These latest updates from Apple are no different. There’s been an ongoing debate for years whether Mac or Windows has a more secure platform. Depending on who you ask, the answer will differ. In the meantime, Apple recently released four patches for their OS, and as with every OS or software being used, updates should be done immediately. Your device and data security depend on it.

Latest Mac OS Security Patches

1. A flaw in CVE-2020-9973 now has a patch. Apple says the flaw could lead to arbitrary code execution or a DoS (Denial of Service) situation.

2. Also now available, is a patch for a flaw identified in CVE-2020-9968. This patch addresses a sandbox issue that can be exploited by a malicious application that accesses restricted files. A sandbox is a security mechanism that’s often used to run untested or untrusted programs or code without risking harm to an operating system.

3. Another one is available for an arbitrary code vulnerability that exploits malicious image files. Mac OS High Sierra and Mojave are affected.

4. The last one on this list is a security patch that affects the Mail component. This vulnerability can allow a remote hacker to alter the application state. Only Mac OS High Sierra is affected.

For those competitive types: Apple vs. Microsoft Stats

Recently, The Verge conducted a survey of Americans and how they feel about different tech companies. According to respondents, 89% had a favorable view of Microsoft, while 81% did so for Apple. When it comes to trust with their data, 75% chose Microsoft, and 69% went with Apple. It should be noted that last year, a study from DeviceAtlas found Apple had 60% of the market share in the U.S., while Microsoft held 40%. Remember, no matter which side you’re on, OS security is a critical issue for all users, and patches should always be applied immediately.

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