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Transform Patient Trust: Dive into the Success of Branded Calling

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The foundation of trust between a doctor and patient is strengthened by clear and effective communication.

Elevating Post-Visit Communications: A Success Story

In today's evolving healthcare environment, consistent communication between providers and patients is indispensable. While treatments and in-person consultations form the backbone of patient care, the post-visit communication process is just as pivotal. A leading healthcare provider, spanning across the US and UK, stands as a testament to this belief.

Understanding the Challenge:

Despite boasting a comprehensive network and a commitment to excellence, this healthcare giant grappled with a glaring issue. A meager 36% of their crucial post-visit follow-up calls reached their intended recipients. The repercussions were multifold — a potential decline in patient outcomes, strained patient-provider relationships, and a dent in the organization's hard-earned reputation.

Setting the Stage:

Before delving into the solution, it's vital to understand why these calls are of paramount importance. Post-visit calls act as a conduit for:

  • Confirming patients' understanding of their treatment or post-care instructions.

  • Addressing any questions or concerns patients might have after leaving the facility.

  • Checking on recovery progress, medication adherence, or potential complications.

  • Reinforcing the healthcare provider's commitment to holistic patient care.

  • The Innovative Approach:

  • To bridge the widening communication gap, the institution turned to the power of branded calling. By ensuring the display of the organization's name and call intent, they eliminated the prevalent skepticism about unsolicited calls. Patients no longer second-guessed picking up their phones; they were assured of the call's legitimacy.

The results were nothing short of transformative. With a 39% jump in patient reach rate and an 8.7% increase in call duration, richer and more fruitful patient interactions were now the norm. The Broader Impact: Beyond the numbers, this innovation in post-visit communication ushered in a new era of trust. Patients felt more valued and cared for, leading to better adherence to post-care instructions, improved health outcomes, and heightened patient satisfaction.

Conclusion: Healthcare's future hinges not just on cutting-edge treatments or sprawling facilities. It's about the entire patient journey — from the first consultation to post-care follow-ups. This success story emphasizes that with tools like branded calling, we can reimagine and redefine the very essence of post-care communication, ensuring it remains a cornerstone of holistic patient care.

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