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Cybercrime Phishing Typhoon Makes Landfall In Guam

Published: May 30, 2023 on our newsletter Security Fraud News & Alerts Newsletter.

CISA is usually on top of things in cybersecurity world and right now is no exception. The Agency (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) wants to remind you to keep an eye out for sneaky cyber attackers who prey on vulnerable disaster victims. This is in response to the typhoon that hit Guam recently. It's important to stay vigilant after a natural disaster like an earthquake, hurricane, or wildfire. And with the wild winter experienced in the U.S. this past season and in other locations around the globe, more disasters are likely to happen in the coming months, which means the scams will just shift around.

In recent cases, the attackers are cunning, using social engineering tricks to deceive people. One popular tactic is the ever-so-popular phishing, where they pretend to be a trustworthy organization, often masquerading as charitable relief efforts, and try to trick you into sharing personal information through emails or malicious websites.

If you receive emails with subject lines, attachments, or hyperlinks related to hurricanes or typhoons, exercise caution. Don't let yourself get compromised. Be careful about what you click on or share. If you’re not completely confident that it’s a legitimate organization and link, don’t send it on for others to get compromised too. Research real charitable organizations and donate to those directly on their websites or by sending in an “old-fashioned” check.

Also, be wary of pleas on social media, texts, or even door-to-door solicitations that claim to be related to severe weather events. Yes, they do still exist. Stay alert and don't fall for any suspicious requests.

Remember, it's always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your online security than to donate to cybercriminals.

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