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How Moving to the Cloud Improves Productivity

The fact that Cloud Services are dominating the IT landscape will not be an understatement. It is essential to understand "how" one is engaging the Cloud. The traditional use cases, though still valid, are not the only paths of your cloud journey. Let's explore how Cloud improves an organization's productivity and not just the bottom line.

The Orielly report on cloud consumption is categorizing cloud usage as "overwhelming." Almost 88% of the respondents said they had engaged cloud services in one shape or form. More surprising is nearly a quarter of them report that they plan to move "all" of their applications to the Cloud. Most of us are aware of the traditional benefits of moving to the Cloud. High availability, disaster recovery, and scalability are implicit advantages of moving your workloads to the Cloud. What may not be apparent immediately is the impact on your employee's productivity.

Companies that use the Cloud are more likely to see productivity benefits. When organizations use cloud computing, through a SaaS solution or any other cloud-based business productivity suite, employees tend to be more productive and flexible. A collaboration study from Cisco reports that productivity gains were over 400% when companies invested in remote collaboration solutions, primarily cloud-based services. So if one steps away from the traditional use cases of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Cloud brings a plethora of advantages that directly impacts employees' productivity.

Let's look at a few of these solutions.

• Desktop as a Service - Move your employee's workstations to the Cloud with DaaS. High reliability and software updates to keep up with security and compliance come inbuilt.

• Remote Collaboration - Migrate to cloud-based office productivity suites and allow for seamless collaboration. Like Microsoft Teams, Slack & Zoom brings revolutionary changes moving away from exchanging emails to group collaboration and sharing.

• BYOD - Bring your Device or BYOD is a reality in today's workplace. Employees are inseparable from their mobile devices, and the lines of business and the personal workspace is shrinking. It doesn't mean you give up on security and compliance. BYOD is not a new concept but moving BYOD to the Cloud helps enhance your employees' supportability, so they continue to be productive on the go.

• SaaS - Software as a Service can be consumed through multiple applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday. When you move your core operations onto Cloud-based CRM, Cloud-based service desk, and Cloud-based HR solutions, you do not just gain efficiency but also tend to benefit the power of AI and ML. These products and other such SaaS-based options make it easy for your employees to consume AI-based chatbots other Cloud-based RPAs (Run book Process Automation)

• Born in the Cloud - Move your application development over to the Cloud. Cloud platforms prove to be reliable when it comes to developing web applications or mobile games. The platforms provide prerecorded library and tools to aid your developers so they can churn code faster. Amazon Lumberyard is a free cross-platform game engine developed by Amazon, accelerating the game development process.

Moving to the Cloud on the above aspects is much more relevant for small and medium businesses. With this move, they can level the playing field and be more competitive. With better security, move to the Cloud continues to gain momentum. The cloud trend has democratized application development and infrastructure build by successfully easing the barriers of entry. The adoption rates aptly display this; Forbes report, "Close to 60% of North American enterprises use public cloud platforms, a percentage that has grown fivefold in the last five years."

The benefits of cloud-based collaboration suites and SaaS application's' adoption continue to foster increased productivity levels in the organization's workforce in the future.

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