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Many Netgear Router Models Need Critical Patch-Update Now

Published: March 27, 2023 on our newsletter Security Fraud News & Alerts Newsletter.

Routers are a vital component of computer networks due to their ability to control the flow of traffic and provide security features for users. However, routers can also be vulnerable to attack. Recently, Netgear warned of one potential issue with several of its router models. Considering Netgear is a popular piece of hardware, it’s wise to read on to find out what this risk is and how it may affect you.

This recent issue is a pre-authentication buffer overflow vulnerability. Ok, so what does this mean? Well, this type of vulnerability allows remote attackers to gain privileges on a router without providing valid authentication credentials. This can have serious implications such as introducing malicious code resulting in data being stolen or eavesdropping on communications between devices on the network. Think of all the Internet of Things (IoT) devices you have in your home and what others could do should they get control of them. Some may be harmless, but do you really want a stranger listening in to your conversations, even if they seem dull?

Netgear noticed this vulnerability in multiple WiFi router models recently and advised its users to update their devices' firmware as soon as possible. A successful buffer overflow attack is a type of security vulnerability that happens when an attacker sends data to a program, causing it to crash. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability and trigger a condition to execute code. The malicious code can allow the compromise of the system, potentially giving attackers access to sensitive information, and making them capable of stealing or manipulating data.

Some of the models that are vulnerable are as follows:

  • RAX35

  • R8000P

  • R7000P

  • R6900P

  • R7960P

  • R6700v3

  • R6400v2

  • RAX40

To update the router, users will have to visit the Netgear Support page, choose their router’s model number, click on “Downloads,” check “Current Versions,” and download the latest Firmware Version. Next, they have to click “Release Notes” and follow the instructions to upgrade to the new version to boost their router’s cyber security. It is essential that users update their routers right away to prevent any type of malicious attacks.

Remember that any time you install a new hardware device, you should immediately check for updates and patches. And even before you do that, change the default password.

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