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How to Win Big With Your Healthcare Communications

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Patient trying to decide weather or not to pick up unknown call
Will your patient pick up your unbranded call?

In today's data-driven, numbers hold a captivating power that words often can't match. And when it comes to patient communication, the statistics surrounding branded calling reveal the remarkable transformation it can bring to the healthcare industry. Let's dive into these numbers to truly grasp the profound impact.

The Alarming State of Healthcare Communications Today

85%: This staggering figure represents the alarming rate at which vital healthcare calls to Medicare patients remain unanswered. It underscores the severe communication barrier that has emerged in recent times. 36%: This is the percentage of post-visit follow-up calls that a major US healthcare provider successfully connects with. This means that nearly two-thirds of patients are missing out on crucial post-care information. While these figures may seem discouraging initially, they set the stage for the game-changing potential of branded calling.

Branded Calling to the Rescue

30% Increase in Answer Rate: This significant jump in call connections signifies a major breakthrough in patient communication. It demonstrates the profound impact a simple identifier can have on call reception. 39% Improvement in Patient Reach: In an industry where every point of contact can influence a patient's health outcome, this improvement is monumental. 22% More Calls Answered on the First Attempt: This statistic not only highlights improved efficiency but also reinforces the trust and recognition that come with branded calling. 13% Increase in Calls Lasting Greater Than 60 Seconds: It's not just about answering calls; it's about meaningful engagement. This rise indicates that patients are not only picking up the phone but also engaging in longer, more valuable conversations with their healthcare providers.

The Bigger Picture While these statistics are impressive in their own right, they represent more than just numbers. They signify:

Restored Trust: In a world filled with spam calls, patients can once again have confidence in the voice on the other end of the line, knowing it represents genuine care. Operational Efficiency: With fewer repeat calls, healthcare providers can allocate resources more effectively, optimizing operations. Enhanced Patient Outcomes: At the core of these statistics lies the most crucial aspect - patients are receiving the care and attention they deserve, leading to better health outcomes.

Conclusion: A Numbers Game Worth Embracing.

These numbers illustrate that branded calling is not just a fancy technological addition; it's a complete game-changer. In the intricate dance of healthcare communication, every step counts. With the remarkable statistical power of branded calling, healthcare providers can effortlessly stay in sync with their patients, ensuring that every beat, every call, hits the mark.

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