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Malware Worms Its Way Around With AI Technology

Published: August 29, 2023 on our newsletter Security Fraud News & Alerts Newsletter.

We’ve heard a lot about ChatGPT lately. Not only are college students using it to write papers, but the world of cybercrime is taking advantage of it too. WormGPT is an AI-based malware that's garnering attention now for all the wrong reasons. WormGPT represents a disturbing evolution in cyber threats as it integrates the power of sophisticated artificial intelligence with the malicious intent of blackhat activities.

Unlike ethical AI models such as GPT-4, or what we know as ChatGPT, WormGPT operates without ethical boundaries, making it an alarmingly effective tool for cybercriminals. This nefarious AI module thrives on a user's computer or mobile device, often finding its way through phishing emails, malicious website downloads, or infected apps.

Its primary mode of attack is to generate compelling, deceptive content. A common example is a persuasive email urging an account manager to pay a bogus invoice. The unsettling reality is that WormGPT can generate a host of equally convincing malicious messages, in the snap of your fingers. Without an easy way to determine the authenticity of these messages, it's easy to see how these attacks put both individuals and businesses at high risk.

Preventing a WormGPT infection requires a mix of vigilance and knowledge. Here are some crucial tips:

Beware of Unsolicited Emails

If you receive an email that seems even slightly suspicious or is not expected, read with caution. Be particularly wary of emails that pressure you into taking immediate action or providing sensitive information. Verify the sender's identity through other means before taking any action. Calling numbers in the email or hitting reply will most certainly go back to the attackers.

Secure Your Devices

Always keep your devices up-to-date with the latest security patches and anti-malware software. These updates often include fixes for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by tools like WormGPT and more that will ultimately follow.

Practice Safe Browsing

Avoid visiting unknown websites or downloading software or apps from untrusted sources. Sideloading, as this is called is not advised as the products not available in official stores are not generally put through as much security scrutiny as those in the official stores, often making them carriers of malware.

Education is Key

The more you know about cybersecurity threats, the better equipped you are to recognize and avoid them. Stay informed about the latest cyber threats and preventive measures.

WormGPT highlights the urgent need for a robust ethical framework in AI development and deployment. This powerful technology can inflict significant harm when placed in the wrong hands. Individuals must remain vigilant, and businesses need to implement preventive measures to safeguard themselves against the rise of AI-driven phishing attacks. It’s guaranteed that this isn’t the last one we will see of this type.

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