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Realst Malware Preying on Mac Users Through Fake Blockchain Games

Published: September 09, 2023 on our newsletter Security Fraud News & Alerts Newsletter.

A new cybersecurity threat has surfaced, ominously dubbed Realst. Primarily targeting Mac users, this threat lurks in seemingly inconspicuous blockchain games. However, instead of a fun gaming experience, Realst is programmed to steal your personal data.

What Does Realst Do?

Once inside your Mac, Realst gets busy. Its primary goal is to rummage through your browser for essential details like passwords, cookies, and other private data. Also, it is designed to hunt for any cryptocurrency you might own.

How Does Realst Infiltrate Macs?

Realst takes a smart, but deceitful approach. Perpetrators promote these malware-laden games on social media and through direct messages that include “access codes.” In reality, these codes serve two purposes: install Realst on your Mac and allow the hackers to choose their targets.

The creators of Realst aren't just thinking about the present. They are also prepared to attack the upcoming macOS 14 Sonoma, an Apple operating system yet to hit the market.

A Threat to Windows Users Too

While it’s certainly nice to think it’s just got Mac in the bullseye, Realst isn't exclusive to Mac users; Windows users are also under threat. The malware can adapt and infect Windows computers with a related malware known as the RedLine Stealer.

Preventing a Realst Infection

How can you guard against Realst? The answer is simple--avoid downloading games or apps from unverified or suspicious sources. Stick to the Apple App Store when downloading apps for your Mac and whatever the official store is for any device you use. These stores have stricter security protocols, which include scanning all apps for potential threats before they're made available for download. While not foolproof, they are more secure than apps that are sideloaded from third-party sources.

It also pays to ensure your operating system and antivirus software are up-to-date. Regular updates often contain vital security patches that strengthen your system's defense against such malware attacks.

As a Mac user, you must understand that cybersecurity is not just a concern for Windows users. Staying informed and cautious is key to securing our digital space.

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